Transferring Files to and from the Server

The following instructions will guide you through the process of how to send and receive files to and from the server via FTP. To send and receive files to this location using FTP you will need to do the following:

1. Download an FTP program for your computer if you don't already have one. You can go to and do a search for FTP programs. You can also visit to search for an FTP program. An FTP program is a lot like Windows Explorer - an FTP program's main function is to transmit files from your computer to a remote location (such as a server) and vice versa. Almost all FTP programs function like Windows Explorer where you can browse through your files and directories visually, and where you can browse through files and directories on a remote machine. It's pretty intuitive and (even if you've never used these before), and if you've ever used Microsoft Windows or any of Apple's operating systems, the layout will be very familiar.

2. Install the FTP program - Just follow the instructions, things will be self-explanatory and you don't need to have any technical knowledge to do this - the questions are very basic.

3. Many FTP programs will allow you to save certain connection settings so that you can connect to the remote machine without having to enter your login information every time you want to connect to the server. For example, instead of entering in the username and password information to login to the marketing ahead server, you would only need to select it from a menu and click 'connect' and the program would remember the settings you've specified - most FTP programs function similarly in this regard. You'll have to check out your FTP program and see how it prompts you to save a connection - this step (3) is pretty much just to make you aware of this useful option - it makes using FTP much easier.

4. The following is the information that you are going to need to enter into your FTP program in order to connect to the marketingahead server. When you choose 'connect' or something similar on your FTP program, this is the information that you will need to achieve this.

Password: transmit
Initial Path: /
Port: 21
Protocol: FTP

(Sometimes 'port' and 'protocol' may not be listed or may already be filled in)

5. Once you connect, your FTP program will display the files on the remote machine (and the containing directory) and the files and directories on your machine- you will not be able to browse outside of this directory to any part of the server (for obvious security reasons). There are usually two panes in the FTP program - one pane showing the files on your machine, one showing the files on the remote machine. To transfer files, you can usually drag and drop from pane to pane - or there will be a transmit button to send files to and from your machine to the server.

That's all there is to it.